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The Mayfield Four- Sick and Wrong Clip 04:36
Summergirl 04:46


4.36MB 08 November 2014
Eden Turn The Page 03:56

Eden Turn The Page

3.6MB 08 November 2014
The Mayfield Four - Don't Walk Away Live McGathy Party 1998 05:33
Mars Hotel 03:59

Mars Hotel

3.65MB 08 November 2014
White Flag 04:52

White Flag

4.46MB 08 November 2014
Don't Walk Away 05:27

Don't Walk Away

4.99MB 24 September 2015
EDEN Myles Kennedy w Zia- Mayfield 4 -1st time played together 17 years! Raleigh, NC Lincoln Theater 06:22
Mayfield Four CBGB McGathy Party May 29 1998 27:09